DSS LBS conveyor shaft seal 2″


The DSS Lube Block Seal is insurance for your augers continued operation.

The Patented DSS LBS provides a dual role in insuring long operation of conveyor \ auger equipment.

  1. The pressure differential seal using our patented polymer will continue to provide a non destructive  bearing surface in the event of a bearing failure. The auger shaft will continue to rotate while resting on the LBS’s polymer surface. This insures continued operation until the failing \ failed bearing can be replaced during normal maintenance. Most importantly the auger shaft will not be compromised requiring an entire auger replacement.
  2. The pressure differential seal further prolongs bearing life  by insuring the auger’d material can’t work its way into the bearing itself.
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The DSS Lube Block System, includes the Patented DSS LBS block, (2) rubber gaskets and a black acetal cap. It fits a standard 5″ on center 4 bolt pattern and requires a 3″ minimum stud height.