DSS Products Index

Diversified Storage Systems offers a complete line of bulk storage and transfer equipment. Click on the links below for more information.

DSS Positive Feed Portable Silos
Availiable 1400cf, 2200cf, 2800cf, 3600cf, and 4800cf portable silos have a built in dual auger system. They offer a small auger feeding the main delivery auger.

DSS Positive Feed 350 Barrel Silo
1400cf  (350 Brrl) positive feed silo with a 10” or 12” discharge auger.

DSS Lo-Pro 200 Portable Batching Silo
800c.f. (200 Brrl) portable silo Legal 8′-6″ wide x 13′-6″ tall x 26′-0″ long.

DSS Lo-Pro 300 Portable Batching Silo
1200c.f. (300 brrl) portable silo, Legal 8’-6” wide x 13’-6” tall and 35’-0 long.


Non-Portable Silos

Non-Portable Basic Cement Silos
Standard features include 30-150 ton capacity (cement) and 150 sq.ft. bag house with electric vibrator.

Portable Guppy’s

DSS PD-Tank’s (Vertical Guppy)
PD-Tanks are a specially designed portable vertical storage system for bulk powder products.

DSS Cement Guppy  (Cement Pig)
4100 cubic foot shell, single compartment, 6 hoppers, steel exterior with internal bracing.

Super Sack® Unloaders*

Supersax 1500
Supersax silo system is a portable self-contained silo designed to store dry bulk products (cement) to be used on job sites or in-plant applications.

Supersax Trans-Pod
Supersax Trans-Pod system is a portable self-contained system designed to transfer dry bulk in super sacks pneumatically to a storage silo or truck.

Bazooka Tube Supersax 1200 Transloader
Portable transfer of super sacks to truck or rail car via a 12″ auger

*Super Sack® is a registered Trademark of BAGCORP. Our unloaders are made to work with Jumbo bags, FIBC Bags, Bulk bags, Super Bags, and Super Sacks®.

Dust Collectors

Air-Max Static Dust Collectors
Air-Max static dust collectors: 150sq. ft. and 250sq.ft.

WAM Dust Collectors
WAM Group Pulse Jet Dust Collectors from 65sq. ft to 500sq.ft with or without a fan.

Blower Systems

Electric blowers, diesel blowers, compact design for easy mobility.

50 and 75 HP TEFC, 230/480/360 Electric Material transfer blower package. Compact design for easy mobility. Gardner Denver CycloBlower, for performance and reliability.
4.5 Liter Diesel Motor Material transfer blower package. Compact design for easy mobility. Gardner Denver CycloBlower, for performance and reliability.

Special Equipment

Diversified Storage Systems has a complete fabrication shop. We can modify most of our equipment to meet your needs or build a completely unique piece of equipment for you. From special blending equipment to augers we can work with you on your project to come up with a solution.

The “Lube Block Seal” (LBS) device is a mechanical seal system used on rotating shafts that have support bearings. The LBS is typically located between a bearing and backing plate. The purpose of the LBS device is to provide a pressurized and a constantly lubricated seal to protect bearings from foreign material that could damage the bearing or the shaft. The LBS has also been designed to provide additional support for the rotating shaft in the event the support bearing were to fail.

Designed to protect 1.5″ Conveyor Shafts.
Designed to protect 2″ Conveyor Shafts.