Bazooka Tube Supersax 1200 Transloader

The Bazooka Tube Supersax 1200 Transloader is a portable jumbo bag, (super sack) transfer conveyor. The fastest and most efficient way to move super sack bulk products to pneumatic truck, silo, or rail period! Why? Its dust free design keeps your operators and neighbors happy by keeping a clean workplace , but most importantly you keep more of your material in production. Features include:

  • 12” auger with a 20hp electric motor.
  • 30cfm, WAM 400 pulse jet bag house with integrated hopper ducting to reduce fugitive dust
    • Included Air Compressor for automatic operation of WAM dust collector
  • Flexible snorkel load-out spout with 4′ of vertical travel – electrically controlled (pictured)
  • Hydraulically operated height control. Adjustable from 12′ to 14′ 6″.
    • Overall height in road travel configuration is 13′ 6″
  • Electric cone vibrator on hopper to help fluidize material.

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