DSS Lube Block Seal
This rendering shows proper
location of bearing and seal.

Step 1
Clean area around
Conveyor Backing plate.

Step 2
Slide rubber gasket onto

Step 3
Place LBS Block with
Deep Pocket facing out.

Step 4
Slide next Rubber Gasket
onto shaft.

Step 5
Place thin UHMW Gasket onto
shaft. Press all items toward backing plate.
Make sure gaskets fit recess.

Step 6
Slide Bearing onto shaft and
threaded studs. Torque nuts to 40 ft. Lbs.
Properly mounted.

DSS LBS Rotary Shaft Seal and Support Bushing-

  • Is patented US8181969 B2
  • Stops Product & Grease contamination.
  • Provides bearing and shaft protection
    1. As a pressurized purge seal it provides ample clean grease to shaft and bearing.
    2. Its solid non-marring body acts as a bushing providing a bearing surface in the event of a bearing failure.

Used on thousands of pieces of equipment worldwide.

We are so confident in our product we will send you your first LBS FREE..

Just remember:

  1. Should you run your bearing out of grease the grease purge seal using our patented polymer will continue to provide a non destructive  bearing surface in the event of a bearing failure. The conveyor \ auger shaft will continue to rotate while resting on the LBS’s polymer surface. This insures continued operation until the failing \ failed bearing can be replaced during normal maintenance. Most importantly the conveyor shaft will not be compromised requiring an entire conveyor shaft replacement.
  2. The grease purge \ pressure differential seal further prolongs bearing life  by insuring the conveyor material can’t work its way into the bearing itself.
Designed to protect 1.5″ Conveyor Shafts.
Designed to protect 2″ Conveyor Shafts.

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