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Diversified Storage Systems offers a complete line of  portable bulk storage and transfer equipment. In today’s fast changing business and regulatory climate we have found that mobility is what a majority of our customers want out of a storage silo. That said if your plans require a stationary plant our engineering and design team has a long history of providing any number of design options. Feel free to browse our Projects or talk to our sales and engineering staff .

We also carry a full line of Dust Collectors, Filters, and Blowers .

Portable Silos

Positive Feed Silos
These portable silos have a built in dual auger system. They offer a small auger feeding the main delivery auger.

Lo-Profile Silos
These 800c.f. (200 Brrl) silos are Legal 8′-6″ wide x legal 13′-6″ tall and 26′-0″ overall length.

300 Barrel Silos
1200c.f. (300 brrl) portable silo, These silos are 8’-6” wide x 13’-6” tall and 35’-0 long.

350 Barrel Silos
350 Barrel (350 Brrl) positive feed silo with a 10” or 12” discharge auger.

PD-Tanks are a specially designed portable vertical storage system for bulk powder products.

Basic Silos
Standard features include 30-150 ton capacity (cement) and 150 sq.ft. bag house with electric vibrator.


Super Sack Unloaders

Supersax 1500
Supersax silo system is a portable self-contained silo designed to store dry bulk products (cement) to be used on job sites or in-plant applications.

Supersax Trans-Pod
Supersax Trans-Pod system is a portable self-contained system designed to transfer dry bulk in super sacks pneumatically to a storage silo or truck.

Bazooka Tube Supersax 1200 Transloader
Portable transfer of super sacks to truck or rail car via a 12″ auger


Special Equipment

Diversified Storage Systems has a complete fabrication shop. We can modify most of our equipment to meet your needs or build a completely unique piece of equipment for you. From special blending equipment to augers we can work with you on your project to come up with a solution.

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